Participant Spotlight: Eric’s 5k Run/Walk

In December, we highlighted Eric and the progress he has made the past three years (if you missed his story, you can read it here).  One month later, Eric continues to shock, inspire and motivate us.

As most of you know, Eric has been a participant in A Healthy Billion’s walking challenge.  He has participated in a number of 5k’s the last year but has always kept to walking.  The only time we would see Eric run is out of class on Tuesday and Thursdays at FITbuddies!  This past Sunday, Eric and his Dad participated in the Super Guadalupe River Run.  Below is a description of the race from Eric’s Dad:

“Eric took part in the Super Guadalupe River Run this morning and Eric did the 5k walk in 54 minutes; which about half the distance Eric ran. Right from the start he took off running and ran almost to the first mile marker. Eric also ran most of the last mile to the finish line, where the crowd cheered him on. Eric walk/ran most of the race by himself (he was a good 100 yards ahead of me most of the time). When we met at the finish line he was so happy and kept saying “I won, I won”.”


Congratulations Eric and we look forward to many more 5k Run/Walks!!


A blog full of ACTION…

In the previous post, I explained Best Buddies versus FITBuddies versus Buddies In ACTION.  Moving forward, this blog will be full of ACTION.  It is for parents, caregivers and professionals who work with individuals with intellectual disabilities; it is also for those who are not otherwise associated with this population.  It is to educate, inform, tell stories and help parents take ACTION to improve their child’s health and wellness and inform others how they can help take ACTION to improve the lives of these special individuals.

The majority of the posts will be about one of the 6 components of Buddies In ACTION.  So here is ACTION defined again…

A is for Awareness.

C if for Confidence.

T is for Training the Athlete in EveryBuddy!

I is for Independence.

O is for Opportunity.

N is for Nutrition.

How can you be a part of the ACTION?  Take ACTION, follow us, learn more and help us improve the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities one Buddy at a time!