Participant Spotlight: Eric’s 5k Run/Walk

In December, we highlighted Eric and the progress he has made the past three years (if you missed his story, you can read it here).  One month later, Eric continues to shock, inspire and motivate us.

As most of you know, Eric has been a participant in A Healthy Billion’s walking challenge.  He has participated in a number of 5k’s the last year but has always kept to walking.  The only time we would see Eric run is out of class on Tuesday and Thursdays at FITbuddies!  This past Sunday, Eric and his Dad participated in the Super Guadalupe River Run.  Below is a description of the race from Eric’s Dad:

“Eric took part in the Super Guadalupe River Run this morning and Eric did the 5k walk in 54 minutes; which about half the distance Eric ran. Right from the start he took off running and ran almost to the first mile marker. Eric also ran most of the last mile to the finish line, where the crowd cheered him on. Eric walk/ran most of the race by himself (he was a good 100 yards ahead of me most of the time). When we met at the finish line he was so happy and kept saying “I won, I won”.”


Congratulations Eric and we look forward to many more 5k Run/Walks!!


Holiday Challenge 2013/14



Join us in a holiday challenge for ALL abilities

Participate for a week or for the month (December 15th-January 15th).  We are happy to make modifications and suggestions to fit your ability so please send us a message at or leave a comment below.

We would love for you to share your progress along the way.  Email us or post a picture and be sure to include #BIAholidaychallenge

Happy Holidays from all of us at BuddiesInACTION!

Can You Do A Pull-Up?

Any Buddy can do a pull-up!!

I am constantly asked the question “what do you do with your kids?”  I do all the exercises that are efficient and effective but also the ones that everyone wants to do; the ones that increase confidence and cause those uncontrolled reactions of excitement as if you’ve just won a gold medal.  One such exercise is the pull-up.  There is just something about pulling yourself up over the bar for the first time, smiling on the other side, and then doing it over and over again.  It’s contagious. It’s motivating.  I’ve had numerous clients who have said “oh that’s not for me” or “I’ll never be able to do that” but after they witness client after client (and clients of all shapes, sizes and ages) do a pull up, they’re sold.  I want in!

FITBuddies are the same way.  The look around the gym and want to do everything everyone else is doing.  I want them to do everything everyone else is and I also know if taught properly, in stages, they CAN do it.  I do not change what I teach them versus what I teach my other clients to do.  I change HOW I teach them.  There’s a difference.  A very big difference.

You may be thinking yourself, “I can’t do a pull-up.”  As my FITBuddies would say, “if we can do it, so can you.”  There are TONS of ways to progress to a pull-up.  Whether you are doing pull ups from rings, a bar, jumping from a box, using bands, or an assisted machine, the feeling of accomplishment is the same:  get your chin over the bar and smile, you’ve reached the other side and trust me, someone in the gym just noticed you and was inspired by you.

At FITBuddies we are Training the Athlete in EveryBuddy.  We are inspiring others to achieve their athletic goals…because if we can do it, so can you!