BuddiesInACTION was started after several years of working with individuals with intellectual disabilities in a variety of settings and learning the resources (or lack there of) surrounding their health & wellness.  It was started not only because the quantity of professional health & wellness resources was scarce but also because the quality of resources lacked an important component that all programs should encompass:  continued growth and improvement.


While working as a behavioral therapist, home health aide, and teacher’s aide, Jen also began personal training on the side.  In 2006, she started her first special needs program, FITBuddies, at FIT in Los Altos in an effort to combine multiple passions as well as fill a need that she had experienced as a provider for individuals with Autism.  FITBuddies, professional small group training for teens and adults with disabilities, is now going on seven years and has helped shape BuddiesInACTION.


BuddiesInACTION was establisted in 2011 in an effort to expand health & wellness programs for children, teens and adults with disabilities.  Our programs follow the ACTION mission and are built off of several core beliefs and initiatives:


  • Our goal is NOT to open one special facility.  We believe that integrating our programs into already existing gyms, schools and wellness sites is one of the most important components to our program and is part of our efforts to help provide our participants with a safe, inclusive environment
  • We believe in continued growth & development, regardless of diagnosis.  We celebrate every little success, welcome failure and build programs that continuously challenge an individual in an effort to promote continued growth and improvement.
  • Our goal is to build a community. We believe in building a give and take community, that we all have roll to play, and that we can all learn from each other.

To learn a little more about the program, watch our FITBuddies Movie:

http://www.buddiesinaction.com | hello@buddiesinaction.com | @buddiesinaction

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