Day 3…

And back to FIT!  We started Day 3 with some nutrition work.  On Monday the buddies were asked to log a typical day of eating (breakfast, lunch and dinner).  On Day 3, we then identified the different foods at each meal and specifically focused on protein and vegetables and whether they were present in each of their meals.  They were challenged to add a vegetable to every meal and try to incorporate protein into their breakfast.  We then made our way to Andronico’s where they had to locate where all of the food on their list was in the grocery store.  We had a blast and I was very impressed with each participant.

I am constantly reminded that these young individuals are sponges!. They are, for the most part, excited and easily engaged and want to learn and hear what you have to say.  The problem is not enough people are saying it.  Not enough people are taking the time to provide these individuals with the tools and information they need to make healthy choices.  The parents do the best they can but lets be honest–who wants to hear it from your parents!!  It’s not the same.  We need more professionals taking ACTION. While they may be slower to learn, but they are more eager than the average person.  Trust me, as you can see, we have a blast learning each and every day….

Time to locate all the fruits and vegetables on our charts!

Our volunteers, once again, we’re a great help!

Joshua and his aide joined us today as well.

Back to FIT!!  Time for our “Travel Workout”:  Step 1 = Carry your backpack full of hiking gear (walk w/ 20lb weight vest)

Step 2 = Lift your suitcase off the ground and place it in the overhead compartment (dynamax med ball touch and reach)

Step 3 = Carry all of Mom’s bags after she goes shopping!! (Farmer’s Walk)

BuddiesInACTION is about taking the time to teach in a fun, practical and effective way.  There is not 1 lesson plan.  We figure out what is fun or interesting for each individual; we then translate it into something practical that they can understand (ie. lifting a suitcase over head) and after much repetition, it sticks.  Once it sticks, we know we have found an effective strategy for that individual.

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