Day 2…A Modified Lesson Plan

The plan for Day 2 was to hike to Deer Hollow Farm but because of the 95+ degree afternoon sun we cut the walk in half and instead incorporated some obstacles in the shade into the mix.  Sean led us to a small creek for a water break and to show the kids how to rub rocks together to make face paint.  The creek was probably 2 feet in diameter and was one of those creeks you just wanted to leap over–and that is exactly what my volunteers instinctively began to do.

My volunteers leaped from one side to the next.

My buddies all froze as if they had just encountered a fire bath.

Jeremy responded “oh that is for kids to do (in reference to them leaping back and forth).”  I then asked him if he had ever jumped over a creek and he said no.  Twenty six years old and here is a boy, I mean man, who can do box jumps, jump lunges, etc at the gym but has never jumped over a creek (and I’m talking about a very small one).

One by one they all admitted that they had never crossed a creek.  Change of plans!  Eric and I sat and watched as one by one the volunteers got creative and instructed each buddy how to safely jump to the other side (they could all pretty much step over it but didn’t understand the slight jump and weight shift needed to avoid the water).  Because it was so hot, we figured if we missed, it would be a relief to get a little wet!!

Jeremy flew over with no problem (of course, this is now something a “man” does).

Kristen stepped right into the water but was cheering and high fiving everyone on the other side as if she had cleared it by inches.

Spencer was very hesitant to take the leap but made it over the first time…although the second time, he enjoyed a little bit of the cold water on his shoes and shorts:)

Overall, we had another good day but we are definitely looking forward to spending some time in the grocery store and FIT tomorrow where we can enjoy the benefits of the AC!

I don’t think we made it 10 feet until I found a spot for them to do push ups.  I wish you could see Jeremy in the background who refused to do push ups saying “Jen, I came here to hike not do push ups!”  Fair enough, I guess!

Soooooo hot!!!  We were covered in sun screen, hats, sunglasses, etc.  Sean did a great job taking care of Eric today.

Water break!!  And then we headed to the creek for a little face painting and jumping.

We had a contest at the end to see who could balance the most bean bags and make it successfully around a circle of trees (in the shade of course:)

I think she only made it a few steps until she started laughing too hard but still impressive…

BuddiesInACTION is about learning to be independent; it’s about teaching these young adults the importance of exercise and making them aware of their food choices; but, it’s also about keeping the kid in all of us alive and jumping over creeks, playing in the dirt and balancing five bean bags on your head…

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