Day 1…

It has been awhile!  Some would say I have been slacking.  Many co-workers currently like to give me trouble for cutting my hours back at FIT to 3 days…”you have the life Jen.”  I could try to defend myself and tell you about my time at city hall, meetings throughout the peninsula and other boring logistics that have to with the “business” side of things, but the honest truth is I currently do feel like “I have the life.”  I took a leap, have given myself three months to do what I have been saying I wanted to do for a couple years and am focusing most of my attention on expanding FITBuddies and establishing BuddiesInACTION.

One of the fun parts (and hard parts) about FITBuddies and establishing different programs is that there is not a template for me to follow.  I try to compare a lot of other kids and teen fitness programs and then try to look at other special needs programs and mold the two together.  Today (and this week) was one of those DAY 1 kind of days where I really don’t know what to expect. This summer I decided to do “mini camps” instead of our regular sessions.  We are meeting 4 days in a row with a combination of nutrition and exercise/movement activities.  At the end of the day today, as I walked back in to FIT and many commented on how busy I was, all I could think about was that it flew by and that my volunteers are amazing…

While my co-workers may give me trouble for my schedule change, they are my number one supporters.  It’s the staff at FIT that constantly supports the progress and “new attempts” of my programs.  It’s the trainers and clients who train at the same time as us that support the chaos of my programs:)  But it is my volunteers (whose parents are all clients at FIT) who make a day like today successful…

Making our activity and food diaries.  First worksheet = “health profile” (height, weight, meal choices, water intake and number of hours of sleep (which by the way, they all win awards for getting a full 8 hours of sleep every single night)!

95 degrees and I don’t think I heard one person complain about our mile loop.  Each buddy had a volunteer paired up with them.

New best friends!  I’m not sure my volunteers will every be able to leave!  Mahayla even walked the mile with Sean and mom was able to take a back seat.

A quick 10 minute circuit.  Again the 1/1 attention fired everyone up and led to some good competition (especially from Kristen). We finished the day off with smiles and ready to bare the heat at Rancho tomorrow as we do a little hiking….

BuddiesInACTION is taking ACTION and this week we’ll be posting pics and updates on week 1 of summer camp.

PS.  Join the buddies on Thursday at the Los Altos Farmers Market at 4:30pm

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